About the award

Timisoara Award for European Values / Premiul Timișoara pentru Valori Europene was established by the City Council of Timișoara, at the initiative of Mayor Dominic Fritz, by resolution 138/11.04.2023.

The first award ceremony will take place in 2024, the year immediately following Timișoara’s tenure as the European Capital of Culture.

The winner of the prize was nominated by a jury made up of personalities from different fields recognised for their commitment to European values.

The Award is complemented by a cash prize offered through the generosity of the sponsors who financially support this initiative.

By accepting the prize, the laureate commits to attend the award ceremony in Timisoara with a speech on European values.

Why Timișoara?

Timisoara and the people of Timisoara are deeply attached to their European destiny. With a multicultural and multi-ethnic composition, the city has developed over the centuries a way of life based on tolerance, inclusion, openness, creativity and courage.

It is no surprise that Timisoara is the city where the anti-communist revolution of December 1989 broke out. Timisoara proclaimed itself the first Romanian city free from communism on 20 December 1989, two days before the dictatorship collapsed.

Three months later, the city launched the Timisoara Proclamation, the political programme of
anti-communist revolution, a document that values European values.

The city’s progress over the past 30 years has strengthened its European ties and identity, and this year Timisoara holds the title of European Capital of Culture.